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Gift Baskets

Please note: we are no offering gift baskets during the pandemic.  Instead we recommend that you call and order a grocery box.

Introducing our simplified gift basket options for the December 2021 Holiday Season.

Choose between a non-perishable

  1) Home Use/ cooking basket, or a  

  2) Snack/sharing basket,

 valued at $50, $75, $100 or $100+.

Please order 2 days in advance by phone or in store.  Delivery is available upon request to Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton and Waterdown with a service charge.

We include a variety of products you can find in the shop as well as seasonal holiday items such as pasta & sauce, nachos & salsa, cookies, jam, candies, napkins, beverage and chocolate.


34 King Street West        
Dundas, Ontario L9H 1T7


Family owned and operated since 1915

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