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About Us

Joseph Picone Sr., a newcomer to Canada from Sicily, Italy, sold local produce door to door. In 1915, he opened Picone’s Food Market and it still operates in the same location today at 34 King Street West in Dundas, Ontario.

In keeping with our grandfather’s philosophy, over 100 years later we have evolved into Picone Fine Food and continue to provide fresh, local and organic produce, in-house prepared foods, specialty imported products and promote local culinary artisans.

Inspired by our love and knowledge of fine food, we want to share with our community that food consumption can be a passion and an ethical choice. Building relationships with over a dozen farmers in our region of whom their primary focus is ethical farming and small production, Picone Fine Food is dedicated to bridging these principles as a conduit from farmer to you.

Our community-centered approach to our business is the heart beat of Dundas. Picone Fine Food provides an established community presence with a welcoming ambiance. Through personalized customer service, we nourish a human connection. We greet our customers by first name, and spend the time to get to know their tastes and consuming habits. We engage and share our knowledge purposefully to make a lasting impact on our customers.


As the third generation of Picone Fine Food, we continue to grow and share our passion and knowledge for food. We make a difference with genuine customer service.


34 King Street West        
Dundas, Ontario L9H 1T7


Family owned and operated since 1915

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